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Savera Global Solutions is a leading executive search firm serving the hotel, restaurants exclusively. With international offices and a professional staff having well over a century of accrued experience in the hotel management and recruiting industry, Savera Global Solutions provides national wide, industry-wide reach in finding and recruiting "star" candidates for all key positions. The company has earned an extraordinary reputation for successful recruitment and placement of talented hotel management executives in a broad range of senior-level and management roles in hotels, resorts, clubs, bars, restaurants, convention facilities, and other areas of the hotel management industry.

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In the world of hotel management, your people are the most important asset for success. What you need isn’t a candidate; what you need is to recruit a star, an individual with superior qualifications, an outstanding attitude, and a reputation for excellence. As hotel management executive recruiters, we identify and evaluate candidates… More on Global Recruiting


Here at Savera Global Solutions, we can assist in your search process for executive and management positions in all areas of the hotel management industry, including luxury hotels & resorts, restaurants, clubs, food service… Search Opportunities